Hawkins Beer Laboratory

A typography based project that revolved around the concept of a Stranger Things inspired brewery. This project included various forms of packaging and print ads. The beer labels were typed out on a 1965 Smith Corona Typewriter.


Identity & Branding, Print


SCAD Project




Create a logo, packaging, print ads, and mobile game, based on a popular tv show. All deliverables must be typography-based and in the tone of the chosen show.


After choosing my tv-show, Stranger Things, I wanted to have a beer company that was directly from the show. I incorporated the main “villain lair,” aka Hawkins lab, as the brewery. After brainstorming a few names, I ended up with “Hawkins Beer Laboratory.”


The label copy was created with the concept that the show's evil lab would be spying on the main characters and reporting back to the "Laboratory".

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